WIFI Linear Probe with Color Doppler S-5L

All in one, wireless connect to smart phone and tablet. Linear array probe, color doppler system, better image, Standard configuration: one all-in-one 7.5MHz-10MHz Linear array probe type scanner, Carton Size: 19cm*11cm*6.5cm.

-Small and Compact size, easy to carry.

-Wireless type without probe cable, working freely.

-Waterproof design, convenient for sterilization. 

-Remote diagnosis convenience, capable for images transfer to doctors.


-Scanning mode: Electronic linear array

-Display mode: B, B/M, and Color, PW, PDI

-Frequency: 7.5 MHz/10.0MHz

-Depth: Convex 100mm~280mm, Linear 20mm~55mm

-Image Adjust: Gain, Focus, Harmonic, Denoise

-Puncture assist function: the function of in-plane puncture guide line, out-of-plane puncture guide line, 

automatic blood vessel measurement, and the enhancement function of needle point development.

-Measure: Length, Area, Angle, Obstetrics

-Image frame rate: 18 frames / second

-Battery working time: 3 hours 

-Dimension: 156×60×20mm

-Weight: 270g

-Wifi type: 802.11g/20MHz/5G/450Mbps

-Working system: Apple iOS and Android, Windows

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