Portable Ultrasound S100D

10inch CRT screen, Convex array probe, Gray scales: 256; Scanning depth: 240mm; USB port, VGAport, video port

Standard Configuration:

1. One host machine

2. One convex array probe:F=3.5MHZ

3. USB port

4. 10 inch CRT displayer


4 segments dynamic electron focusing

Double encoder regulations

Frequency Conversion: 2.5MHz/3.0MHz/3.5MHz/4.0MHz /5.0MHz

Image processing

Variable aperture; Dynamic apodization; Dynamic filter; Edge enhancement; Digital space-time filter; 8γ corrections; 16 pesudo colors; Line correlation;Frame correlation; Point correlation;Llinear interpolation;

According to the user's pattern style preference, the parameter will be set up automatically and saved ,Boot default this parameter. This default of parameter can aslo be modified in the menue.

Measurement and Note

Distance; Circumference/area(method of ellipse,method of loci); Heart rate; Gestational weeks(BPD,GS,CRL,FL,HL,OFD,TTD,AC); Expected date of confinement and fetus weight,etc.;Full-screen character annotation, with report page.

Gray scale: 256 levels

Gain Control: 8 segments TGC and overall gain can be adjusted respectively

Permanent storage: 128 images

Cine loop: 256 frames or check one by one

Output interface: 2SVGA video outputs and 2 PAL video outputs

Extended Function: Optional USD function,priter fuction,.5MHz trans-vaginal probe, 7.5MHz linear probe, 7.5MHz rectal probe, mobile trolley, video printer, and ulatrasonic image workstation, etc.

Optional probes: linear probe, trans-vaginal probe, micro-convex probe.

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